Amanda Harris

Amanda Harris

Amanda Harris

Scheduling Coordinator
Business Development
AKA “Wonder Woman”

Amanda has a background in electrical engineering and spent sixteen years in the public safety communications industry.  We stole her away during her transition to becoming a wife and mother.  She is our “Logistics Guru” that interfaces with clients from all across the Gulf Coast and works to fit all of the photography shoots for the eight photographers into our crazy schedule.

She enjoys a challenge and has a brain for puzzles and problem solving, which makes her a perfect fit for the continuous game of Photo Shoot Jenga.

Catch Phrase: “Let me see what I can do”

Amanda was born and raised in the Pensacola/Milton area and has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida State University.  She spent over sixteen years designing, marketing, selling and doing business development in the public safety communications industry for first responders across the entire southeastern United States. She has a unique blend of tech geek and sales persona all wrapped up into one package.

After many years of living away from home, traveling and focusing on her career, she decided it was time to move back to her hometown. She continued to travel and work in the public safety communications industry after moving home, and then she met, fell in love and married her husband, John, and gained three beautiful girls through the marriage.  Her wonderful husband and children have forever changed her life, and led Amanda to reevaluate her life priorities.  She leaped at the chance to work with a group of individuals that love what they do, that are dedicated to producing the highest quality work, and still have fun with each other.

Amanda has a love of architecture and old historical buildings, and even though she isn’t a professional photographer, managed to take 3,500 pictures of architectural details on her thirteen day tour around England and Scotland.  And Derek would crawl out of his skin if he knew how many were taken with her cell phone after her camera battery died.  She just couldn’t miss capturing those details.