Erin Parker

Erin Parker

Erin Parker

Architectural Photographer
Business Development
AKA “Realtor Wrangler”

Erin is the creative “Tour De Force” behind the many facets of Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography.

Her unparalleled commitment to excellence and uncompromising values sets the tone for everything we do. Her commitment to the success of her clients keeps them coming back for more.


Catch Phrase:  “It is what it is.”

Erin Parker“I’m a small business owner, I have no personal life!”

Erin is the owner of Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography with her husband, Jason. She has been a professional architectural photographer for 11 years.  She transitioned into photography from a career in law enforcement where she worked undercover narcotics investigations. She had heard the phrase “Do what you love and you will succeed” enough to go back to school for a degree in photography at Nashville State.

Upon completing her degree, her first job was working for the in-house photographer, Chris Hollo, for the Grand Ole Opry. While she enjoyed being back stage and working with the artists, she soon learned that photographing people was not her passion. She soon made the rules she has about her subjects for her professional work – “Nothing that smiles, cries or has an agent!”

She went to work for Aerial Innovations, Inc., a photography company that specialized in architectural and aerial photography. They provided aerial progress photography for large-scale commercial construction building projects like hospitals, hotels, condominiums, factories and universities while they were being constructed. Erin was part of the architectural photography team who photographed the projects as they were completed for final marketing photography. Their clients included architects, commercial contractors, developers, construction engineers and the owners of the project.

While she and Jason loved living in Nashville, the Emerald Coast’s beaches and a desire to be near family called her home. Erin has a true entrepreneurial spirit and decided it was time to own her own company. In late 2011, she and Jason moved back to the area, and in 2012, founded Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography, LLC. She has proven that the phrase “Do what you love and you will succeed” is true.