Sam Colborn

Sam Colborn

Sam Colborn

Architectural Photographer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
AKA “Triple Threat”

Sam is the master of the understatement. If  three words will do, he’ll use one. Maybe it’s all the HTML code he’s got stored up in his brain; we don’t know.

He’s an ocean of calm in the middle of our chaos. He turns out amazing websites, great graphic design, and just for fun, he’s a great architectural photographer.

He’s completely unflappable; he always delivers what our clients need when they need it.


Catch Phrase:  We don’t know; if you catch Sam talking let us know!  (The rest of us never shut up long enough to hear him!)

Sam Colborn

Sam Colborn

Sam has been in the graphic design business for about 25 years and has been building websites for the last 10 years.

He started out as a proofreader and worked his way up through practically all aspects of graphic arts including design, photo retouching, audio/visual slide presentations, multimedia CD-ROM presentations, pre-press technician, color correction technician and photography.

For most of his career, he worked as a photo retoucher for a large service bureau in New Jersey, working on images for companies like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche and Subaru.

They sent him to Kodak’s facility in Billerica, MA, to learn color theory and to Adobe’s facility in California to learn a new technology called Portable Document Format (PDF). He has been working in Photoshop since version 1 when it had to be installed with 3.5 inch floppies.

He really got into photography while working as a retoucher for Bauer Publishing, the publisher of “InTouch Weekly,” “Life & Style” and “Women’s World.” He was the sole retoucher for 5 photo studios, and from time to time, they would let him use their high-end photo equipment, where he learned to use studio lighting. After a while, he decided he wanted to step behind the camera and try his hand at photography.

He eventually started his own company called Electronic Media Arts, and learned to build websites while shooting for large NJ-based commercial real estate firms.

In 2010, he and family moved to Navarre, FL, where they have vacationed many times. The lifestyle here is so much better than the hectic and cold lifestyle in NJ. He loves the fact that he can, on a whim, head to the beach. Besides photography, he enjoys creating digital artwork and watching sci-fi movies. And, he loves ice cream.