Aerial Photography – Low Altitude Panoramic Photography

Our trailer-based system is stable enough to allow the capture of multiple images on a level plane, enabling the creation of sweeping high-resolution panoramas that showcase the property and surrounding features. Aerial Panoramas can be shot from elevations of 11 – 45 feet and can encompass the full 360-degree view from elevation.

This is a great tool for Pre-Construction marketing, allowing views to be shown from 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of future designs. Aerial panoramas can highlight views from undeveloped parcels and lots, showing views in all directions, or can be used to show the size and scope of the parcel.

Sites under development or construction will benefit from aerial panoramas because they are often too large to be captured in a single image. There are times when it is necessary to produce a vertical panorama of a tall building or structure in order to show the full height of the structure without the distorted perspective of a photo captured from ground level.

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