High Dynamic Range Photography for Real Estate

HDR – High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range photography enables the views to see the room as well as the view outside. By layering as many as nine photographs of different exposures we are able to show the range of lights and darks that the human eye perceives. It is not always possible to capture this range with a single exposure photograph, especially in rooms with several windows or doors leading to a bright exterior. The combination of professional hardware and cutting edge software allows us to produce realistic HDR images without the softness and fake colors that are the result of automatic programs or low-end HDR filters.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is one of the most difficult things to shoot in photography.  Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography is dedicated to helping agents and homeowners market their homes in the most professional way possible.  

Wide Angle Photography

Wide angle photography is essential to photographing homes.  The perspective given by point and shoot cameras or consumer grade DLSR cameras does not give a true representation of the size and scale of the room

Size Does Matter

A professional DLSR camera with a full frame sensor and wide angle lens are required to photograph a home properly.  These lenses allow the maximum amount of light to fall on the sensor and give crisp clean images that are always in focus.  Photographing houses with phone cameras, compact digital cameras and consumer DLSR cameras is doing a disservice to the home and always results in someone saying, “The pictures just don’t do it justice.”

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