Is your branding in need of a makeover? We can help you give your company or personal brand a contemporary look. Check out some of the services we provide.


Social Media & Online Branding

Rebranding Package

Logo, Facebook, Google+, YouTube banners, email signature & business cards: $650

Along with your new logo, let us add your new look to the major social media networks, emails and business cards all for one low price.

Social Media & Online Branding

Did you know that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images?

Does your online branding remind you of a pot luck dinner? A little of this, a little of that, some of it’s good and some of it’s well, YUCK!  We see that all the time and we’re here to help. In today’s market your online branding is often the first thing people see. You never get another chance to make a first impression! Your social media branding is now just as important as your website. Online branding is all about image and images. We are experts at both! Not only can we give your Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram pages a professional look, we can also provide you with professional images. Pretty sweet huh?

Custom Email Signature

Do you like one of those snappy custom email signatures you sell all the time? We can create a custom image with your photo, your logo or whatever you’d like, in no time at all. Having a custom email signature is one of the easiest ways to follow one of the great marketing rules, “Always Be Branding”

Facebook Cover DesignSocial Media Branding

Facebook is the number one social media site in the world. How’s your cover photo?  Is it branded? Do people know what you are about when they are at the top of your page? We can design a fabulous Facebook cover image that will get you noticed!

Facebook Ad Design

Facebook Ads are all about images. We can take amazing photos for your ad or, you may find something you like in our stock galleries. Either way we can put together a Facebook Ad in no time that is sure to get clicked!

Facebook Posts

Do you ever wonder how people get those cool looking Facebook posts? They hire people like us to create them. We’ll take some amazing photos for you and then send you a formatted photo for your post. Already have some amazing photos? Send ‘em on over and we can work with that too!


Did you know YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world?  What does your YouTube channel say about you? Did you use some of their stock cover art that looks like everyone else’s page? YouTube channel art is tough. It’s an odd size and so many photos just don’t look right. We can design custom YouTube Channel Art that will keep your branding consistent and stylish.

YouTube Video Slides

Do you do a lot of YouTube Videos? Do you want some amazing intro slides and ending slides for your videos? We can help you with that and we can create a custom thumbnails for all your videos, no more YouTube picking the worst image for your video!

YouTube Video Creation

Do you know you should be on YouTube, but you just don’t know where to start? Relax. You’ve come to the right place, we’re here to help.  Give us a call, tell us what you need and we’ll put something together that’s just right.


We love Pinterest! It was just made for pretty pictures. Do you need some of your own photos for your board? Do you need some help with putting together those awesome collage boards you’re always clicking on? We are all over that. We’ll have you pinning like a rockstar in no time.


Yay, more photos! Do you need an Instagram account? Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll help you figure that out. Instagram has a unique demographic and look. It even has its own type of language, we’ll explain what those #’s are all about. We’ll help you determine if the content you are posting is right for Instagram. If it is, we’ll make those photo posts stand out!


Not another social media site you say. “I don’t want a Google+ account, I can’t keep up, nobody’s on there anyway.” Au contraire mon ami! Who is the number one search engine in the world? Who has the mapping system everyone uses? Who is the largest email provider?  Google!  If you have a gmail account, you have a Google+ page. If you have a business location that has been submitted to Google Maps, you have a Google+ page. People are seeing those pages even if you are not aware of it. If you had no idea you had those things you have a problem! Not to worry, we are Google Certified photographers and we speak Google!

If you have a gmail account, you have a Google+ page. If you have a business location that has been submitted to Google Maps, you have a Google+ page. People are seeing those pages even if you are not aware of it.

Any social post you make on Google+ is instantly indexed by Google and becomes searchable on their network. Have you ever Googled something and found a Facebook post? Nope, won’t happen. Anything you post to Facebook should be posted to Google+ if you want the world to know about it.

We can help you sort out your Google+ pages, brand them, and if you have a storefront business we can even do a Google Virtual Tour of the inside of your business that links up with Google Maps. Aren’t you happy you found us? Click here to get more information on Google Virtual Tours.

Branded Marketing Package

Do you need two or more of our social media branding services? Do you need All of the Above? Do you also need help with your logo or print marketing pieces? Perhaps a website that is up to date and mobile friendly? We can bundle up our services in a package that is just right for you. Call us today, tell us your needs and we’ll design something that fits your needs and your budget.