Commercial Construction Progress Photography

Ground based photography, Low Altitude Aerial, and Flight based aerial photography provide valuable imagery through all phases of the construction process;  From undeveloped site, through site clearing and buildout, and culminating in high resolution professional marketing imagery of the completed project.

Progress photography is of value to owners and investors, allowing them to track where a project stands and verify where money is being spent.  Project managers can see potential choke-points. Safety engineers can document protective measures. Marketing teams have unique imagery that will help the project stand out in advertisement and promotion of the project.

Aerial photography enhances monthly progress reports and marketing materials and are often required for legal issues and draw reports. The images not only document the status of construction but they are also used to settle conflicts, avoid costly delays, and provide anyone associated with the project valuable information while saving the time involved in visiting the site to photograph the project.

A few of the industries that routinely utilize aerial photography effectively are General Contracting Firms, Architects, Transportation and Bridge and Road Construction, Golf Courses Developers, Industrial Contractors, Energy – Oil, Gas & Chemical, Government Contractors, NGO’s, and of course, Commercial & Residential Construction Contractors.

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