Panoramic Photography

High Definition, High Resolution Panoramic Views

Several high quality images are stitched together using special software to form a single, wide image. These images are beautiful on their own, but they can also be embedded into a special online viewer that will pan across the image, resulting in one continuous sweeping view of the scene.  The panoramas routinely cover a 150 to 180 degree field of view, but can also be shot to provide a full 360 degree horizontal perspective.  In addition to  the 180 and 360 degree panoramic views, our special equipment and software allows us to photograph and build 360 degree “Spherical” panoramas that capture the view horizontally as well as vertically.  These spherical panoramas also require special viewing software, enabling the viewer to pan left to right and up and down around the view.

Our Trailer-Based Low Altitude Aerial system is also stable enough to capture and produce horizontal panoramas of up to a full 360 degree field of view, from elevations of 12’-50’.  We have even used the system to capture and stitch vertical images of tall structures in order to avoid the distorted prospective that is the result of photographing tall buildings from ground level.

We are proud to be the only architectural photography firm on the Emerald Coast to have been invited by Google to be a part of their Google Maps Business View program for small businesses, properties, and facilities.  We are certified by Google to capture imagery and build fully interactive virtual tours of businesses, consisting of multiple Spherical Panoramas of the interior of the business linked  together utilizing Google’s Streetview Technology.  These tours allow someone searching online to take a virtual walkthrough tour of the business or store on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

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